Boer Goat Buyer’s Handbook

In this section, you will find information that we have compiled from numerous reliable resources, as well as our own personal experience.

Please use it as it is intended: as a help, a starting place, another opinion and viewpoint, personal experience from fellow goat breeders. We hope that you will find it useful, but please remember that it IS NOT, nor is intended to be, a substitute for professional veterinary advice, and also remember that it is not guaranteed. It is simply and only information that we have found helpful, and wish to pass on to you.

Most of the information in this section is written with Boer/meat goats in mind, but much of it is applicable to all goats.

We hope it helps you!

You may also download the entire library of articles as our Boer Goat Buyer’s Handbook.

Learn more about judging goats or study for the Texas 4-H State Goat Judging Contest by utilizing the resources on our page for Texas 4-H Goat Judging.

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