The son of Redwood Hills Mister Bee and our own Taffy (granddaughter of Cherry Glen Mandarin, great-granddaughter of the record setting Willow Run Chevalier Ruffian), Tuffy represents the best of our Alpine breeding program. His graceful walk shows off his strong, straight back, and his well-angulated and well-placed feet and legs, while his bold stance highlights his masculine head and neck, deep body, and wide chest.

Tuffy completes his breathtaking conformation with an adorable personality. He has been diligently handled to imprint a respectful affection for people on him from the time he is born. Confidently teasing his dam, aunt, granddam, and the other Alpine matriarchs, he loves little more than to come up and get a good rubdown, and his quizzical face is always sure to show up to whenever you’re busy in the barn or pens.

We have been blessed with this handsome buckling, and are thrilled to offer Tuffy as an outstanding herd sire prospect.