Livestock Transport Guidelines

We look forward to meeting you and sending you home with your new livestock.

Below are guidelines we have created to help you prepare for a good transfer of your new livestock to your home.

What to Know BEFORE You Pickup a Donkey

  • Schedule an appointment.
  • Plan your trip around transporting a donkey during good weather:
    • SUMMER:
      • Transport ONLY during a cool part of the day, or in air-conditioning.
      • Transport in a COVERED trailer (preferably with enclosed sides) with adequate ventilation either EARLY in the morning (i.e. arrive at your destination before 10AM) or LATE in the evening (i.e. leave our farm no earlier than 5PM).
    • WINTER:
      • Transport during a relatively warm part of the day – late morning to early afternoon.
      • Transport in a COVERED trailer (preferably with enclosed sides) with adequate ventilation
    • Schedule to avoid rain and high winds (or in air-conditioning).
  • Transport in a covered, ventilated trailer.
    • The trailer must be:
      • Covered
      • Adequately ventilated
      • Properly floored (preferably with rubber mats)
      • Secure – adequately closed trailer.
  • Come in proper attire:
    • Well-covered from sun and other weather.
    • Closed-toe shoes (no sandals, flip-flops, etc.) – you will be expected to go through a foot wash.
  • Have your facilities and feed ready at home:
    • Proper fencing
    • A run-in shed or other shelter
    • Feed (we will send you with a small amount of what they are used to).
    • Ample, clean water
    • Horse minerals, free-choice
    • Salt, free-choice
  • Bring payment
    • The remainder of the purchase price (if a reservation deposit has been paid) must be paid before loading.
    • Cash ONLY is accepted (no money orders, cashiers checks, or personal/business checks). Credit/debit cards may be accepted on a case-by-case basis if prior arrangements are made (a 3% processing fee will be applied).
  • We look forward to meeting you!
Livestock Transport Policy
We reserve the right to refuse to transfer livestock into your possession if, in our sole discretion, you do not follow these guidelines and generally recognized practices for animal welfare. In such an event, if you do not comply with these guidelines and general animal welfare practices within a period of time that we set, any deposits you have made will be forfeited.