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We are pleased that you are considering adding some of our livestock to your herd, and would welcome the chance to discuss them with you. Please explore our American Mammoth Jackstock for sale and then contact us to schedule a visit to our farm, located in the Brazos Valley – right in the heart of Central Texas. We look forward to helping you find your riding donkey!

Miss Lucy

Miss Lucy’s curious, inquisitive nature makes her enjoyable work with, and a lot of fun to ride. She loves people and is very interactive, carefully exploring everything with her oh-so-gentle mouth. Lucy likes other animals, and is especially careful and nurturing with small or young ones. Under saddle, Lucy is very calm and settled, rarely startling. She loves to be ridden so that she can see and explore the new country, and will politely ask to explore new and interesting areas and objects.

Miss Lucy is a very structurally correct, refined jennet. Her back is very straight, with a properly sloping rump and level hip. Her bone structure is refined, with dainty feet and a long neck. Her flashy coloring (inherited from her black sire and paint dam) really works with her conformation to make her an eye-catching donkey.


Nollie is one of our largest jackstock, standing just under 15 hands at the withers. We acquired her at the age of 4 in May 2014 with Nettie, her half-sister. She looks much like her sire, Oklahoma Grover, a red roan jack who started his show career in 2008 at the age of 3 with a Reserve Grand Championship at the Missouri State Fair.

Nollie is an extremely gentle, friendly donkey that wants to please. Under saddle, she is a fast walker with a smooth gait. A naturally quiet donkey, she responds especially well to calm training with gentleness and affection.

Nollie was 58 in. when arrived, but has grown since she came to our farm. She is conformationally a very correct donkey, with few of the classic conformational quirks of mammoth jackstock. Most notable is her arrow-straight back, tying smoothly into a properly-angled rump. She is deep bodied with proportionately long legs. Her head and neck is refined and proportionate to her body, with large ears and gentle eyes.