About Us

Howdy, and welcome to our nook in the beautiful woods of the Brazos Valley of southeastern Central Texas!  We are the Snowden family, and it is here that we strive to be faithful husbandmen and women of the Lord in our calling to serve as a source of high quality American Mammoth Jackstock riding donkeys.

Our Goal

First and foremost, our goal is to glorify God in all things and at all times. As we continually repair to such a gloriously high standard, we seek to practice this goal in one aspect by striving to raise Mammoth Jackstock that will serve both our family and yours as delightful saddle donkeys.

As we seek to fulfill this calling, among others, we must continually stay focused – in numbers and activities. For this reason, we keep our herd small.  By always keeping our numbers pared down, we can give each animal personal attention and concentrate on quality in our animals’ conformation, production, and the care they receive.


Striving for Excellence

We strive to found our production on both physical and temperamental excellence.  We seek to employ our skill and experience in judging livestock to carefully select breeding stock that will perform well on the trail, and raise them in an environment that maximizes their health and good disposition to provide you animals that will give you years of riding pleasure.

Once again, welcome!  Enjoy browsing our website, and then contact us so we can talk to you in person.  We can’t wait to meet another friend.  May the Lord bless you!